About the Court


Federal Supreme Court nigeria
Court of Appeal (COA)  (Hears appeals from the judgments of)

1. Federal High Court

2. The High Court of State

3. The High Court of Federal Capital

4. The Sharia Court of Appeal

5. The Customary Court of Appeal
a. Abuja
b. States

6. The Court of Conduct Tribunals

7. The Election Tribunal (Particularly, the National Assembly Election Tribunals)

COA has original jurisdiction as Court of First Instance (COFI) in the President Election Petitions.

16 Divisions of COA

1. Lagos(Since 1976) 2. Kaduna(Since 1976) 3. Enugu(Since 1976) 4. Ibadan(Since 1977)  5. Benin(Since 1977) 6. Jos(Since 1983) 7. Port Harcourt(Since 1989) 8. Abuja(Since 1995) 9. Calabar(Since 1999) 10. Ilorin(Since 1999) 11. Owerri(Since 2009) 12. Sokoto(Since 2009) 13. Yola(Since 2009) 14. Ekiti(Since 2009) 15. Akure(Since 2009) 16. Makurdi(Since 2009)


Each division contains three (3) Justices including the Presiding Justice (PJ)

I. The Presiding Justice (PJ)
a. The (PJ) is the incharge of the day to day management of the Division.
b. He reports directly to the President of the Court of Appeal (COA).

II. Deputy Chief Registrar (DCR)
He is the (a) Head of administration of the Division & services and the (b) Accounting Officer (AO) & reports to the Chief Registrar (CR)

III. Other Units
a. Registry: Its function is filing papers relating to appeals or other maters requiring the orders of the court.
b. Sections:
(b.1) Administration
(b.2) Finance
(b.3) Library

These three sections are headed by senior officers who report to the (DCR) & the (DCR), in turn, reports to the Presiding Judge (PJ) & keep him informed of the daily activities of the Division.

No of justices of COA including the President is 70 now. [Previously the number was 36 (Act. No. 43 of 1976); it was increased to 41 (Cap. 99 of the laws of the Federation); it was increased to 50 (Amendment Act 1973); it was increased to 70 (by Court of Appeal Act 2006)].

Head Quarter of the Court of Appeal is at Abuja; it includes the offices of 

1. The Chief Registrar (CR)

2. The Accounting Officer of the Court (He reports to the President directly)

3. Head of various departments (of):
a. Finance of Accounts
b. Administration & Supply
c. Library
d. Audit

They report directly to his Chief Registrar (CR)

The Court of Appeal (COA) is also called, “the Court of Unity” (COU) as it comprises Judges from different backgrounds and social environments working together in harmony for the promotion of administration of justice in Nigeria.